OpenGL Roundup, April 10, 2014: GDC 2014 Report, libgdx 1.0, Data-Oriented Design and More…

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GDC 2014 Report

libgdx: We’ll go 1.0 next weekend!

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How Powerful Is Your Nexus 7?

The following post is based on a paper generously contributed by Jerome Huck, a senior aerospace/defence engineer, scientist, and author. A link to figures and the code can be found at the bottom of this post. So you want to run some heavy-duty algorithms on your Android device, and you’re wondering what is the best environment […]

Finishing Up Our Native Air Hockey Project With Touch Events and Basic Collision Detection

In this post in the air hockey series, we’re going to wrap up our air hockey project and add touch event handling and basic collision detection with support for Android, iOS, and emscripten. Prerequisites This lesson continues the air hockey project series, building upon the code from GitHub for ‘article-3-matrices-and-objects’. Here are the previous posts in this series: […]

OpenGL Roundup, October 28, 2013: Narasimha Live Wallpaper, Military Mobile and more…

This time around, we have some new live wallpapers as well as a new Android application using OpenGL ES 2.0. Check them out below… 3D Ganesh Live Wallpaper 3D Narasimha Live Wallpaper 3D Jagannath Live Wallpaper Military Mobile Military Mobile features accurate information regarding Military Bases, Military Ribbons, and Military Ranks. Military […]

Adding a 3d Perspective and Object Rendering to Our Air Hockey Project in Native C Code

For this post in the air hockey series, we’ll learn how to render our scene from a 3D perspective, as well as how to add a puck and two mallets to the scene. We’ll also see how easy it is to bring these changes to Android, iOS, and emscripten. Prerequisites This lesson continues the air […]

Learn how to develop mobile graphics using OpenGL ES 2