OpenGL Roundup, October 28, 2013: Narasimha Live Wallpaper, Military Mobile and more…

This time around, we have some new live wallpapers as well as a new Android application using OpenGL ES 2.0. Check them out below…

3D Ganesh Live Wallpaper


3D Narasimha Live Wallpaper


3D Jagannath Live Wallpaper


Military Mobile

Military Mobile features accurate information regarding Military Bases, Military Ribbons, and Military Ranks. Military Mobile also comes with quizzes on US Military subject matter, as well as a rich set of social features.
military-mobile-1 military-mobile-2 military-mobile-3


Until next time!

Introducing GLWallpaperService

Are you looking to make a live wallpaper for Android? Wondering how to use OpenGL from a wallpaper service?

Mark Guerra and some other contributors have kindly made their work available on GitHub, at This repository includes an OpenGL wallpaper service as well as several samples that show you how to use the service.

Yours truly has submitted a couple of pull requests to add support for OpenGL ES 2.o and to provide an alternative implementation which minimally wraps GLSurfaceView. If / when these are merged in, I’ll be able to update How to Use OpenGL ES 2 in an Android Live Wallpaper, as it’ll become much easier to do so!


OpenGL Community Roundup, October Edition

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time to showcase another great set of apps and posts from the community. 🙂

First up, we have…

Wubbly Bubble Live Wallpaper

This interesting and lively live wallpaper renders a deforming 3D bubble to your home screen, with five different themes, many options for customization, and it runs on a wide range of devices. Download it here:

Next up we have…

Blu Mountain Live Wallpaper

This is a very peaceful and relaxing live wallpaper, overlooking Mt. Fuji. You can watch the waves of the rhythmic water, and see the tranquil Sakura leaves fall gracefully as you overlook one of Japan’s most beloved national treasures.

This wallpaper supports the latest tablets, and works well with any Android theme or layout. It also features an upgrade to full HD art. Download it here:


Android OpenGL and slow rendering

Android terrain test

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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