Check out These Cool Apps from an Early Student of Learn OpenGL ES!

An early student of Learn OpenGL ES, Miguel, has been working on some neat apps lately. Miguel was one of the first readers at Learn OpenGL ES, and we’ve exchanged at least a few emails back and forth about different topics, such as working with the camera through matrices. We were both learning a lot back then, and that sort of interaction really helped to strengthen my own personal knowledge of OpenGL.

Miguel hasn’t stopped learning, and he recently sent me over a link to his live wallpaper, “Shark 3D Kosmos”. I’m really happy with the progress he’s made so far; read on to learn more!

Shark 3D Kosmos Live Wallpaper

This wallpaper features a scary and realistic shark swimming on your home screen! The shark can be rendered in different modes, including holo mode, and you can select from several different camera modes, including one where the shark swims straight at you! The live wallpaper even includes features to save battery usage.


Kosmos Galaxy 3D

This is a neat dynamic simulation of the attraction between the center of a galaxy and its surrounding stars. You can move the simulation around and add galaxies in realtime.


I’m happy with how far Miguel has come since the first lessons here at Learn OpenGL ES. If you’ve also learned from the site and would like to showcase your work, let me know!